The Blogger Mindset

It is impossible to fully understand what blogging truly is until you become a blogger yourself.  You will never know the intricacies unless you plunge head-on with the experience and discover answers along the way.  Reading or hearing about it from others simply doesn’t cut it.  The real blogger mindset comes in as a person welcomes all the activities and tasks related to active blogging.

Bloggers are steadily becoming more like traditional media in relation to providing information to the public.  However, there remains a difference and that is having almost unlimited freedom to publicize a message to a much wider audience without the usual trappings and limitations found in the traditional setting.  Exposure in instantaneous and not limited by geographical location, market segment, or any other demographic considerations.  A good blogger is always conscious of his or her responsibility in connection with this freedom.  Without this, it would be more difficult for bloggers to rise above the derogatory “blogger only” categorization.

Being a blogger is respectable but those who choose to participate in blogging without care for responsibility always put this truth to the question.  Responsible blogging requires sincere intentions, genuine perspectives , and a reasonable amount of facts at hand.  It is but fair that readers are given content that will not mislead them but rather offer them opportunities to decide for themselves.

A blogger cannot be strong in all topics as this is absolutely impossible.  If a blogger wishes to offer his take on certain subjects, it would always be wise to choose one or several where a certain degree of expertise is held either through relevant educational background or actual experiences.

A blogger’s life can be so much fun.  This fun however, should not be mistaken for lack of seriousness in achieving the real objectives of blogging.  Blogging is simply a fun way of getting messages across in a responsible manner. With such a blogger mindset, there will be less mistakes to contend with.


Originally posted on August 19, 2012 @ 10:53 pm