The Importance of About Pages

How much effort did you put in to make your About Page? Did you even make one? The About Page is probably one of the most neglected pages there is, especially when it comes to the blogosphere. This is a big mistake because About Pages can be really useful. Some of the benefits of having a good About Page include: Searchability – If you are out to build your online reputation an About Page is another page where people can get to know more about you. It’s another page crawled by search engines that will hopefully climb the rankings to be included among the top results so that when someone searches for you online you’ll be easy to find. Of course if you have a lousy blog or have personal stuff there you don’t want linked to you then ditch the About Page. Credibility – A blank about page or a too generic one (one that doesn’t really reveal anything about you) will do nothing to help build your online reputation. List basic facts such as your job title (description), interests and skills. Treat your About Page like a resume because you never know who’ll end up reading it. Note though that for privacy and/or security reasons it isn’t advisable to list down personal details such as your complete address, complete birth date, and other such information that can be used to physically stalk/target you and/or get access to your financial records.

Originally posted on September 30, 2009 @ 3:29 pm