Where To Get More Blog Topic Ideas

In a rut? Don’t know what to blog about? Consider looking for ideas on what to write in your blog from the following sources:

1. Digg and Other Social Bookmarking sites provide updated content from other websites that’s worth talking about. In Digg, users contribute content that link back to the source website. The community then votes for the relevance or newsworthiness of it. The more votes it gets, the greater the chance of being seen on the front page. What you can do is look at what other people have posted, link on it on your blog, and give some of your own comments on the topic.

2. BlogSearch – Another way to get a pulse of what people are talking about is to search for blog posts. If you want to see what people are talking about on a a particular topic – say the iPod, you search on technorati or Google Blog Search. You can then write about what others talk about. Disagree, agree or just comment on what they say. This is a great way to get connected.

3. Offline news – You’ll be surprised at the amount of material that’s not yet online. Check out your local newspapers and write about it in your blog. Whether it’s the latest UFO sighting or bigfoot – write about it. It will sure to get at least the attention of your community readers.

Where else can you get blog topic ideas?

Originally posted on June 9, 2007 @ 3:33 am