25% Of Your Visitors Use FireFox And More…

Benj talked about Perception manipulation and statistics. He briefly talks about how numbers can affect visitors on your site. This brings us to something important for your blog – analytics. This involves the the data collected on your website – about your visitors and how they interact with your web pages. Why is this important? […]

When Your WordPress Theme Keeps Reverting To Default

You have a nice WordPress blog set up. You changed its theme to one of your favorites. After a few days, it suddenly returned to its default theme. “What the?…” You thought “Must be a glitch.” So you set up the theme again back to your favorite one. After another day, it happens again. The […]

Cheats To Get More Blog Subscribers

Blog visitors who love your website might want to receive regular updates. Might as well put an RSS subscription system. Luckily, most blogs (like WordPress) already have this built-in. You could also sign up to a feeds manager like feedburner for this and display a feeds stats counter. Your feed stats counter shows the live […]

Can Blogging Make You Smarter?

Experts say we write for two main reasons: 1. First, and most obvious, we write to communicate with others. 2. We write for ourselves, to clarify and stimulate our thinking. Most of our writing, even if we are published authors, is for ourselves. It is often difficult for us to hold more than one thought […]

Three Blogging Gadgets

If you were to get electronic devices for blogging, get three basic types of gadgets: A Laptop A Digital Camera A Internet capable cell Phone Optionally, get a bluetooth connector to hook up your laptop and cellphone. Personally, I use these: A Compaq Presario B1957TU – This small yet powerful laptop comes at only 1.79kg. […]

Four Steps To Get More Traffic To Your Website Using MyBlogLog

You are probably familiar with MyBlogLog. This is a social networking site which allows you sign up and add a widget to blog so you can see your visitor’s avatars. I have used it on my blogs to see visitors coming to my web pages. Here’s how it works… When you sign up in MyBLogLog, […]