5 Tips To Supercharge Your Blog

There are all kinds of different reasons that you might have a blog that you’re responsible for. It could be for personal opinion, for financial gain, as a part of your business, or even just to promote or review certain types of products. But the one thing that all of those different types of blogs want – is attention.

So in order to supercharge your ability to get that attention, you can follow five tips specifically, including working the steps that other bloggers have laid out, writing about what you love specifically, developing your own voice, thinking long-term, and recognizing the size of the blogosphere.

Work the Steps

Blogging has changed over the years, but the current most successful bloggers are typically willing to share the steps to blogging success that they’ve developed over time. Because this information isn’t secret, and it’s still up to you to work hard to make the content itself amazing, it’s a win-win situation for you and the folks that generate that content, because they traffic into their sites as you learn how to get traffic into yours!

Write What You Love

When it comes to really making your blog great, it’s important that you understand that one way to make it better faster is to write what you know, and write what you love. When you read a blog, you can tell almost instantly if the writer cares about what he or she is writing about. The word choice, the flow of concepts – if the passion is missing, then the blog is going to be generally forgettable.

Develop Your Own Voice

Another thing that will put your blog in a higher tier right off that bat is if you learn to develop your narrative voice. It doesn’t matter is you’re writing your personal bio, describing a product you’re selling, or reviewing an event you’ve gone to – the stronger your personal voice, the more that people are going to connect to the fact that the writer is an actual person with actual feelings.

Think Long-Term

And for as much motivation as you have to supercharge your blog now, the real return on investment is going to be when you think in the long-term. That way you can put sequences of steps together to all fit, and average out flows of traffic. Short term actions will give you quick spikes in attention, but long term goals will win you the race in the end.

Recognize the Size of the Blogosphere

The internet is huge. There are more blogs than you can imagine, and many of them probably deal with exactly the same topic that you’re writing about. Keep in mind that the more you specialize into your niche, the more natural traffic you’re going to get and expand outward from there.

Originally posted on November 15, 2016 @ 1:48 pm