5 Ways To Use Statistics To Help With Content Marketing

Success, when it comes to content marketing, will come partly from having good ideas and techniques that output from your main message. But, it will also come partly from understanding what kind of impact this output is having from a statistical standpoint. But how do you get those statistics, and what can you do with them?

To answer that, look into using a bird’s eye view of your data, working with Google Analytics, using WordPress Statistics (for those of you who have a blogging presence), using built-in web hosting tools, and ever working with email surveys to do more direct and personalized research into your branding methods.

The Bird’s Eye View

You can install several software-based feedback platforms for the more intense data-gathering and analysis projects that you have, and generally these will have a bird’s eye view, or perhaps a dashboard setting, where all of the important information is presented in an easy-to-read format. This kind of communication tool is especially important to help businesses make decisions based on overall data trends rather than just guy feelings about the success of a particular promotion.

Google Analytics

When you work with Google Analytics, you’re opening up a tremendous amount of opportunities to decipher how well your marketing is going as well. Within the Google framework, you can check search statistics, anything related to the AdSense program, and have easy-to-access maps and charts of everything that you’ve published from day one all the way up until the present minute. This is an incredibly powerful way to see who your content marketing messages are actually getting through to!

WordPress Statistics

For those of you who market mostly through the blogging sphere, using WordPress statistic plugins will give you specific insights about how people are navigating around your blog, what they’re clicking, what they’re spending time on, and how they move into and out of different posts and articles. Once again, this is invaluable information to see if your promotional material is getting the type of attention that you want.

Built-In Web Hosting Tools

And depending on what web hosting service you use, there are all kinds of built-in analyzers that typically come with those packages as well. And if you have more that one site that you do your branding from, you can either combine that stats for all of your sites into one report, or look at them individually inside your CMS.

Email Surveys

And a final, more personalized way to look at using statistics to help with your content marketing would be to send out email surveys. The people that fill these out may be inclined to give you more human answers about how your branding works, which will allow you to approach the puzzle from a different angle.

Originally posted on May 31, 2016 @ 1:07 pm