Blog Economics 101: Cutting Costs

Today, I blogged the entire day away.. Literally. From 10 in the morning down to 7 in the evening, I had blogged away. Well, I didn’t write all that much as much as I was setting up blogs like crazy. I had seen how my AdSense revenue had shot up when I added AdSense to my long-time personal-turned-monetized blog. Well, “shot up” in my definition is jumping from $0.56 up to $9.10 in a little over two months. My AdSense credits had stayed in the cents level since I set up my Google AdSense accounts in October 2006. It was only last week when it had reached $9.10. Small feat it may be to the blog veterans on here, particularly popular personality, like the YouTube Partners on YouTube.

  • If your blog cannot afford to pay for it yet, buy a custom domain only later, when your blog/s can already generate over and beyond domain rental and registration fees.
  • Just remember Robert Kiyosaki’s principle that to have true wealth, you must have assets instead of liabilities, and that your net income must be more, much more than your gross expenses. Happy blog moneymaking!

    Originally posted on December 10, 2007 @ 12:24 pm