Blogs should be creative, you know.

Blogs should be creative, you know. After all that’s what blogs are for, being creative as possible is the edge that blogs have over other websites Blogs inform, tell stories and such kinda like normal websites, new sites do, but it is conversational in tone, that’s why it reaches out to the readers other words they can relate to the story because it’s like you’re talking to them. So when writing on blogs be creative as possible.

No, writing creative blogs does not include topics of absurd imagination or far-fetched ideas. Creative blogs may contain everyday stuff but keep the Dear Diary format on a minimum.

So what really is a creative blog?

First, do away with stagnant topics.

Stagnant topics are everywhere and they are the ones usually comment-able by “wow, great post” and it ends there. Write about thought-provoking stuff. Your readers are sure to comment endlessly, with you joining the comment conversation. Eventually, one comment is sure to strike you and it can lead you to write a new topic out of it. You can also try posting reviews of whatever’s current – movies, books, TV series and the like. This is sure to create a discussion among your readers and with each insight comes a new idea that you can write about.

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Originally posted on February 15, 2008 @ 6:15 pm