Blogtipping Day

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One way of interacting with others is through Blogtipping Day.

What is Blogtipping?
As the name implies, you give tips to other bloggers.

Blogtipping mechanics
First, you list down three blogs you like. Maybe you could start with some that are on your blogroll. Then, you say three good things about the blogs. It could be what you like about them or maybe what your sister/family/SO said. After that, give one tip for each of them. It could be something as simple as a comment about nice layouts. Blogging is more on conversational and personal.

The brains behind Blogtipping Day
Maybe you could consider Easton Ellsworth as the one who is responsible for this. However, you could also see this blogtipping as something old. Bloggers do link to each other anyway and even email too. I think, though, that Easton has apoint. The postings on Blogtipping Day help other visitors of your blog get a glimpse of what blogs you love so much and so on.

When is Blogtipping Day?

Blogtipping Day is a regular event, in terms of frequency of postings. It happens on the first day of every month. It is the fun time to go around and surprise someone when the blogger reads your thoughts. Who knows? It might even happen to you!

Other things to note about it

  • There are Blogtipping day buttons. It would be easy to spot your blog with the Blogtipping button. It makes your entry look cute too. (Check out the button with the cow.)
  • Use blogtipping as a Technorati tag. This is helpful in a sense because you get to see who else is doing this, especially if more people are there.
  • Don’t be shy to give tips to another blogger. It could be the start of your friendship. Don’t waste the chance.

The next blogtipping day is on July 1.

Originally posted on June 26, 2006 @ 1:37 pm