Check Your Blog Writing Style (Part 3)

Have you ever read a blog wherein the posts were all blocks of text that made your head hurt? It is true that content is the most important thing when it comes to writing blog posts yet we must also take into consideration the presentation. Readability matters a lot, as many readers would tell you.

As such, check your posts and see whether you make use of things other than plain text. Do you make use of lists, images, tables, sub headings, colors, text formatting, and the like? Do not take formatting for granted – they exist for a purpose. Make it easy for your readers to scan your posts and keep them coming back because of it.

Another thing to check would be your choice of words and sentence structure. Yes, this has the undertones of an English lesson, I know. Yet it is important when you think about the fact that your blog has a worldwide audience. Not everyone speaks, reads, and writes English as well as you do. Therefore, you should stick to the simple things – simple words and sentence structure – as long as you get your point across. There is no need to impress everyone with how wide your vocabulary is. Just make sure that you do not have egregious grammar. WAIT – what’s that again?

That is what I was trying to point out – who in the world uses egregious on a daily basis? Take a look at to see what it means. Now, if you were a reader, would you want to be checking the dictionary just to read a blog? I don’t think so.

Originally posted on August 8, 2007 @ 3:13 am