Get Into The Rhythm

Putting up a blogging schedule for your blog is not a very easy task. Starting or setting up and maintaining one are two different things. New bloggers tend to become giddy and write a post frequently, then the rate of posting drops down as time passes by, leaving the blog hanging for days, weeks, months, or even forever. I have to admit I’m guilty with this one, as I’ve made some blogs before, and most of them don’t exist anymore. A lot of people have taken blogging for granted; they forget that it’s their responsibility, as a blog owner, to take care of their blogs by keeping it updated.

For me, a blog that is frequently updated encourages its readers to stay tuned, keep them coming back for more. I check blogs, whether it be from my circle of friends, or some random stranger whose blog I find interesting, depending on the updates the blog owner makes. I always look forward to seeing what is happening to a childhood or high school friend or someone on the other side of the world—something that would keep me informed and entertained. It’s like getting the latest scoop from your favorite actor/actress in the showbiz world (ok the analogy might be too much, but I hope you get my point).

It is best to have some sort of blogging schedule for you to follow. By schedule I meant the number of posts you make per day, week, or month. I won’t suggest the latter for you’ll keep your readers clueless as to what’s been happening to your life (whether your blog is a personal blog or otherwise). This rhythm will not only keep your blog updated, but it will also result to a habit forming. But don’t just post for the sake of posting and keeping up with your schedule. You also have to consider the content of your post: you should never sacrifice the content. You can check out Phillip’s 2-part post on When Not to Blog (1 & 2) for more tips on the what you should and shouldn’t put on your blog.

Originally posted on May 27, 2007 @ 9:44 am