What is your blog’s language?

One of the basics of starting a blog is determining what your blog should be about, which would also relate to choosing your target audience or readers. However, you should also consider how you would present your blog to them—how you would deliver your “message” to your readers—and by this, I meant choosing the language […]

Customize your error page

Bored of the same old error page popping up when someone searches through your blog? Don’t like that 404 message? The error page is pretty functional itself, you just need to customize it to make it more presentable and then some. I have to stress that this is only for those blogs whose codes can […]

Get Into The Rhythm

Putting up a blogging schedule for your blog is not a very easy task. Starting or setting up and maintaining one are two different things. New bloggers tend to become giddy and write a post frequently, then the rate of posting drops down as time passes by, leaving the blog hanging for days, weeks, months, […]

Increase interactivity in your blog

Some blog owners love to interact with their visitors. Getting feedback from them is a way of finding out the presence of their visitors (and not just lurking while surfing through the pages), or whether what they put in their blogs are interesting enough. Let’s face it, people love to voice out their opinions (which […]