Regular frequency in posting blog entries

Blogs are more or less the chronicles of an individual or even a collective. Sometimes people just stumble upon our respective blogs. Don’t you feel good when you have some comments? Especially from readers who say that they read your blog regularly.

In any case, regularly posted blog entries are not so bad. It is, after all, not always easy but there are rewards. If you could establish your schedule as early as possible, then that is fine. Otherwise, it might be more difficult for your readers to keep on coming back to you.

Conscious of numbers? Your stats and your number of blog entries?

How regular is regular?

For those who are concerned with search engine optimization, they say that it is good to have daily updates on the blog. Some who talk about checking their stats say that they notice the stats dropping when their blogs are not updated in one day. For them, it is better to update daily, even just short posts.

Quality of posting versus quantity

There is that school of thought that it is more important to post quality blog entries. Sometimes people could get preoccupied with the numbers but their quality of writing suffers. There are those who say that it is better for their writing to improve and for them to talk about really good topics rather than post everyday. They say that this would make them more credible and by reputation, make them better bloggers.

To balance everything off…

Things might be quite difficult, if you are just starting to blog and you have not experienced writing a lot. It might be good to start off with a weekly posting habit then thrice a week until the habit sets in. Maybe then you could gauge how regular or how often you would be blogging. There are topics that have a lot of news and it might be even better to post more than once a day.

Originally posted on June 17, 2006 @ 7:50 pm