Sharing interviews on your blog

microphone Sometimes it is interesting to read about others. And it could be so much fun to write about them as well. Are you interested in specific people in the topic you write about on your blog? If yes, maybe it is time to take the chance to interview them and feature them on your blog. Interviews are a good way of meeting people up close and personal. Although this is not always the case, at least you learn a lot of new things about them even through email. Not just email but also through chatting in real time. What are some steps in conducting interviews? 1. Look for a person you would like to interview and contact him/her. Even if you do not know the person very well, try emailing him/her first. After all, there is no harm in trying. Find out the person’s contact information. It could be the email address or the person’s handle or alias on chat. 2. Set a time to talk. If you have VoIP or an instant messaging client with voice on your computer, you could try calling up the person you want to feature. Ask him/her what time would be convenient. Or you could also chat on irc, or whatever protocol you want. This is especially important if you are on different cities across the world. 3. If talking in real time is not possible, settle for email interviews. If you will do the interview via email, try making a follow-up on the person’s replies. The dilemma is that he/she might be very busy and could not respond immediately. It is better to remind the person, but try not to overdo it. 4. Draft your article and send a copy to the one you interviewed. This is just so he/she knows what will come out in the article. Maybe there are some things he/she would rather have off the record. After sending you feedback and all, it is time for the final step. 5. Post it on your blog. Share it to the world once you have the final draft.

Originally posted on June 18, 2010 @ 9:54 am