When You Are Short Of Time (Last Installment)

Here we are guys – at the end of our mini series on what to do when you are up to your neck in work and you find yourself short of writing time. Here are the last 3 ideas I want to share with you.

Clear up the clutter
This time, I am talking about physical clutter. If you are a neat freak, then this should not be an issue. However, if you are like me and you are into “organized clutter,” then you might want to clear up that writing space. This would take some time at the outset but in the long run, it just might help you be more productive and less distracted as you write.

Force yourself to focus

This is in line with the previous point. I have the tendency to let my mind wander when I am stressed or when I have a lot to do. This is especially true if I do not have something specific in mind regarding what to write. So, first, as I mentioned in the previous post, make sure you have an idea of what you want to write. Then, grab yourself by the neck and shake yourself – figuratively of course. Force yourself to focus on the task at hand.

Find an alternative writing place
If you are really that short of time, then look for other places where you could write. For example, if you have a 30 minute break at work, why not take the time to write? You can also go to the park, lug your laptop, and find a quiet place where your creative juices will flow more freely. The options are limitless – you only have to explore them.

Perhaps you have your own best practices. Why don’t you share them with us?

Originally posted on January 24, 2008 @ 2:07 am