Discover Your Niche!

Looking at successful blogs, there seems to be some common elements. Here at Blog Tutorials, we will be taking you through a journey- which will hopefully be of some help in making your blog successful as well…

First, some caveats! I am still trying to figure out and follow ALL of our own advice. So we don’t claim that ours is the only model.

I am looking at some of the other interesting and successful blogs here and there seems to be some common elements among them.

Part 1. Discover Your Niche!!

Have your own niche but write about other topics as well:

Everyone has their own niche that they know about better than others. However, you may want to write about other things as well.

A very narrow niche gets really old unless you are SecurityMonkey and you can come up with an endless list of interesting new situations every day that you can write about.

Plus he/she has an outstanding story telling style!

Originally posted on May 26, 2006 @ 11:02 am