A Friend In Need

I’m helping out my friends from the UA&P – IShareHappiness Blog Team.

Whenever you feel pessimistic, angry, troubled, frustrated, and depressed – what have you – you need someone to talk to. Someone who could help you be more optimistic and help make you feel that there is hope. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to someone you know. We know of a trustworthy and empathetic person who can help you readers out there.

IShareHappiness is there to help you. So come Visit the Site… And Share the Happiness.

IShareHappiness is having a contest and will be giving away an IPOD TOUCH…


Sounds good to me…This is a very good idea that made want to join this contest and it so simple and so easy to join all you have to do is make post about the contest and just fire away…

Thanks to the QuickStop Project — BackPackers Crew for the heads up on the contest and for the post Win An IPOD TOUCH from IShareHappiness.. And now I’m very Excited about it, and I hoping I would win (yey!)

Here’s How You can join the Contest…(if I understand It Correctly)
Make a 100 word review about this contest, then make a link to the contest post and then to the ISHAREHAPPINESS home page. Which gives you 10 points… Yey, since I have this post already I have 10 points.

And if you would check my sidebar… IShareHappiness’ link is in there. (haha) Plus 5 points. I added the IShareHappiness to my Technorati Favorites… Also you can add them to your Technorati Favorites (which gives you 2 points)

And also try subscribing to their feeds.

Then next part… adding the links on multiply, friendster, myspace

SO share the happiness, and win an IPOD touch..Link away People…

For more details of the contest… Visit IShareHappines

Better Hurry this contest is until March 24, 2008 at 12:00am Manila Time (GMT +08:00 Hong Kong). The Winner of the iPOd TOUCH will be announced on March 25, 2008 at 6:00pm Manila Time (GMT +08:00 Hong Kong).

Originally posted on February 26, 2008 @ 4:20 pm