Introduction to User-Generated Ads

One of the surest ways to earn money through your blog is by joining a program that allows you to blog about a products and/or services and be paid for doing so. This kind of blog advertising is called user-generated ads or consumer generated ads. They were popularized by Pay Per Post but now there are lots of other programs out there that you can join.

The good thing about consumer generated ads is that is many programs you will be paid simply for writing a review about the product or for merely mentioning the product and linking to the product website. In some cases the amount of traffic your website gets or the amount of clicks made on the link you posted also matters but the important thing is that no matter what you already make a sure profit from the single post.

Like anything good though joining programs such as Pay Per Post have a catch and the main negative thing about it is that many readers are turned off by blogs that post such kind of content. This is especially true if your blog is mostly composed of sponsored entries. It can also lower the quality of your posts because you will have to find a way to mention the product/service. Some readers and even bloggers see this as compromising their blogs. In my next post I give some suggestions on how you can make money through these programs while avoiding compromising your blog’s quality and credibility.

Originally posted on March 30, 2008 @ 8:58 am