Linkbait: How Much and How Often?

We would all love to be such great bloggers that each and every post would be considered by other bloggers worhty enough to mention and link to. Realistically though it is impossible to come up with a post that hundreds or even just dozens will link back to each and every day. If you keep on trying to come up with a blog post worthy enough to be on the front page of Digg each and everyday you’ll probably end up either burnt out in a really short time or really frustrated. More realistically you’ll end up being both.

So how often should you strive to get come up with a post worthy of the front pages? How often should you churn out linkbait?

According to Randfish only one in twenty to forty posts can be linkbait. That means if you post everyday (not counting weekends…give yourself time to rest!!) you can probably come up with about one great post about once a month or very two months. This doesn’t automatically mean that you WILL get a post in the front page of Digg once a month but that you can at least strive to build up at least one post to achieve this goal. Of course it will be harder for blogs and bloggers with no reputation yet to do this but at least you won’t end up busting your brains pushing yourself each and everyday to come up with great link bait.

So what should you do in between “linkbait” posts?

1. Start thinking/conceptualizing the next innovative linkbait.
2. Keep on writing good solid posts.
3. Spend time on other link building/SEO efforts.

Originally posted on May 19, 2008 @ 5:15 am