Live Blogging: The Wave of the Future?

We’ve talked about the ways to edit your work, but what if bloggers were forced to blog live? Lacking the excitement of a live sporting event or reality show, live blogging could be the wave of the future.

Think about it: What if you had to create a post and were not given a chance to re-write your thoughts? No spell check. No copy editing. Etc.

Would the end result be something no one wants to read – or would people flock to a Website where bloggers have to be on top of their game? Blemishes would surely be exposed, but readers would also get a deeper, “less filtered” look at the author, potentially forging a tighter relationships.

One of the main problems with the concept is that how would we know the blogger is truly live blogging? Short of a screen shot video that shows a document as you type, I’m not sure how this could be accomplished.

Something about the concept excites me.  At the very least, it could help differentiate your blog from a crowded field.  Thoughts?

Originally posted on February 18, 2008 @ 9:11 pm