Writing a series of blog entries


Have you thought of writing a series of blog entries? What kind of series have you been thinking of writing? It might not always be easy to write them because some people actually write them by chance.

There are times when there are things that you want to write about and it would seem as though they would be very long. That is why some pople decide to cut them down into ‘small chunks’ – hence the series of posts.

You could try this too, in case you feel like writing a long feature on something. Maybe your travel experience to India and the cities you visited there. You could have some sort of outline:

I. India – an overview
a. Information on India
b. Why you are traveling there
c. Itenerary
d. Travel arrangements needed

II. In India
a. The places you have visited
Under each place you have listed you could list the following:
Specific buildings, institutions to check out
Food you have tried out
Who you were with
b. People you met
– There would be some notable people so you might as well share something about them to your readers.
c. Other interesting things
– You could probably talk about the flowers you have seen, commuting, etc.

III. Culture
– You could describe here the cultural stuff you have learned as well as the different customs. You could talk about your background and what you learned about their customs and culture, how it has affected the way you see things now.

IV. Wrap it up
– This could be done by summarizing your experiences there. The most unforgettable moments and other things you would like to say about your travel.

As you can see from the sample outline above, it is not so difficult. And if you have a lot of images you would like to share at least you would have a focus on which ones to share in one entry. This would make it easier for you to write and for your readers to follow your travel adventures.


Originally posted on July 24, 2006 @ 12:49 am