Blogging On The Go

We all know that majority of the big blogging platforms offers bloggers the option of writing and updating blogs from mobile devices. Live blogging is actually a great way to update blogs anywhere and anytime. I have nothing against this.

However, I do have some thoughts when it comes to the writing. If you blog on the go, ask yourself this question: Is your “on the go” writing at par with your regular writing? When I say regular writing, I mean when you sit in front of your computer at home or at the office and take your time coming up with your blog posts.

To be honest, I have never really tried blogging on the go. I normally wait till I can sit down and think through my blog posts. Yet I also know that sometimes, when the ideas for a post come, they do not wait for a specific time. They just come and I feel the urge to write.

There are two sides to blogging on the go – if you are inspired enough, I suppose that your writing could be even better than when you wait for a later time. When the creative juices flow, there is no stopping it. Yet the other side raises a cause for concern for me – what if you are simply in too much of a hurry that your writing becomes sloppy? This may not be an issue for some people but for those who are anal about their writing, you would understand what I mean.

So which is better, blogging on the go or waiting for a later time to write your posts?

Originally posted on December 3, 2007 @ 2:18 am