Embedding Pictures and Videos on your Blog


You Tube Videos


The trend today is to place enhancements such as music, pictures and videos to provide another form of entertainment to catch a reader’s attention. Videos have been the new fad that most people have added to their usual entries and such has truly made blog sites more appealing to date.

The more common sites casino that offer such new technologies today include that of YouTube and personal photos that are stored at Photobucket. YouTube usually offers new videos uploaded, ideally music videos that have home made videos in tow. Photos provide an external storage as well, to save on space allocation from websites which usually set a limit as far as allowable files are concerned.

These two new enhancements alone have lured most webmasters and bloggers to make their sites all the more interesting for people. At least there is a sidelight that regular readers and visitors can always look forward to each time they check for updates on the site outside the usual entries.

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Originally posted on January 8, 2007 @ 5:42 pm