5 Must-Answer Questions for Bloggers

Since most bloggers write on a daily basis, keeping up your motivation can occasionally be a problem. It’s easy to fall into a writer’s malaise. If you fear you have the potential to head down this path, test yourself for the answers to these five questions. 1) WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? Every good blog needs purpose. What are your long-term, short-term and mid-term goals Write them down and keep them visible. Look at them often and assess what you are doing to reach them. 2) ARE YOU POSITIVE? A good attitude is infectious and more likely to keep readers coming back for more. Train your subconscious to have a better attitude by regularly posting entries that can benefit your readers. 3) ARE YOU COMPARING? You shouldn’t be spending too much of your time tracking and evaluating what other blogs in your niche are covering. While it’s important to keep a beat on your competition, it is more important to create thought-provoking and compelling content. 4) CAN YOU SEE THE FUTURE? You’ve already set goals, now you need to visualize what it will be like to achieve them. Basically, what is your blog’s endgame? Sure, you could blog forever, but that probably doesn’t make the most sense as your life priorities shift. 5) ARE YOU TOO SENSITIVE? A mistake many bloggers make is getting too many opinions (solicited or not) from other people. If you believe in a project, you must go with it and let criticism bounce off of you. Tenacity is half the battle. Once you start putting too much credence into other people’s beliefs, you will surely shortchange your efforts. Is your blog on track?

Originally posted on March 4, 2008 @ 1:30 pm