5 Things You’ll Need To Be a Successful Vlogger

A lot of people want to join in on the craze of vlogging.  Creating content on YouTube isn’t just a great way to express yourself, you can make a lot of money if you know how to leverage your channel. Originally posted on April 23, 2021 @ 9:55 am

Video Blogging: Good Idea or Bad?

If your tired of typing away at your keyboard and want try a new platform you might want to look into video blogging. But before you start your video blog here are some things you should think about to see if it will be a good idea to go ahead or not. Content – What […]

Embedding Youtube The Easy Way

Just like that, your video will be embedded without the hassles of Wordpress altering the code the next time you edit it. If you’re fine with hard coding Youtube videos into your blogs the hard[er] way, be my guest. But if you’re one of those who would rather take the easy route in things like embedding videos, this plugin is exactly the one you need.

Video Blogging and Podcasts Today

Blogging is not primarily focused on purely writing. Bloggers can resort to photo blogs and video blogs as well, two elements that are widely in demand as well today. Vlogging has garnered headway from recent years, most of it coming from the incremental and large demand for video podcasting and downloads towards iPod video devices […]

Reviews from a Blogger’s Pespective

Movies, products, places and gadgets are some of the more sought after products today. Getting background information and feedback from actual consumers and users is something that potential buyers would initially study to be able to ensure that they get the best buy from such items. Most of the blogs today offer reviews and feedbacks […]

Embedding Pictures and Videos on your Blog

      The trend today is to place enhancements such as music, pictures and videos to provide another form of entertainment to catch a reader’s attention. Videos have been the new fad that most people have added to their usual entries and such has truly made blog sites more appealing to date. The more […]