Three Easy Steps to Blog Directory Submission

Blog Directory Submission is one acknowledged way of getting additional attention, traffic, and beneficial back It is not a difficult task to accomplish and blog owners can easily do it on their own. The benefits in blog directory submission far outweigh the slight inconvenience of taking some time to do it.

Preliminary Steps

Before taking these three steps, make sure that you have addressed the basic requirements. One is the creation of an awesome blog to submit. Another is sufficient research as to the suitable blog directories to submit to. If you’re intending to submit your tech blog for example, make sure that you have looked into the most reputable ones including a reliable technology blog directory. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations from friends and associates who may have had experience on this matter. Eliminating the unsuitable ones will make the task a lot easier. eatonweb-300x250-2

3 Basic Steps to Directory Submission

1. Create an Account For you to be able to transact with your chosen blog directory, you will need to create an account. The procedures are generally the same among blog directories but you will need to follow directions given for every directory to successfully create an account for each, if you wish to submit in more than one. Registration can either be free or with pay and such information is usually easily seen at the outset. 2. Submit Blog Information Blog owners will be asked to provide information pertinent to the blog so this must be ready for easy access when needed. Details that will most probably be needed include the blog title, URL, feed URL, categories, short site description, and the most suitable keywords. This is also the part where choosing a category happens. Careful thought must be given when choosing the category. In the same way that the right one can direct that much wanted traffic, the wrong category can “trap” the blog in oblivion where most searchers will not think pf looking for it. 3. Verify and Confirm It is a common procedure for directories to require registrants to verify and confirm the information they have provided. Blog owners must not forget to do this when required to ensure that their submission has been completed. After this step, registrants can reasonably expect their blogs to be crawled and indexed to appear in search results.

Continuing Steps to Take

The work of blog directory submission may have been completed but this doesn’t mean the work is over. Blog owners must continually add quality content to their blogs so the searchers will not be disappointed with what they see. Blog improvement never really ends.  

Originally posted on April 19, 2014 @ 7:29 am