Group Blog Dynamics


Starting a group blog is not that difficult. Especially if there is automatically two of you who have started it. Sometimes a small group, like that of two or three people will suffice. You don”t have to have a big network in order to start a group blog. You need at least two or three dedicated people though.

Here are some things you might encounter when you begin blogging by groups:

  • Too many posts at one time.
    This is unavoidable. We all have different working hours, quirks and moods. Sometimes we might all be in what could be called “blogging mode” or “writing mode” and so the blog is flooded by too many posts at one given time. It could overwhelm readers sometimes as they might feel like having to catch up with too many readings.
  • No posts for quite a while.
    Similar to the first dilemma, the opposite could happen because of the quirks and online casino the schedules and what-not. You could probably say that there are too many external factors and that could definitely affect the way and the frequency of blog postings for the group blog.
  • Friction within the group.
    Sometimes you could encounter bloggers within one group blog who have very different opinions on a particular issue. We are all human and sometimes our biases take the best of us. It is best to be prepared for such eventualities.
  • Very similar topics.
    If your group is too homogenous — you might suffer from this. It is quite interesting if you have people from slightly different backgrounds in order to facilitate better discussions of the different matters within the topic of your group blog.

Don”t be overwhelmed by everything written above. There”s probably a whole lot more when it comes to group blogs and the above statements are somewhat general observations so you could choose to take them with a grain of salt. You might have a different experience after all 😉 While you”re at it, check out this group of people blogging on Jack of All Blogs.


Originally posted on October 10, 2006 @ 3:46 am