What are wikiblogs?


Wikiblogs are hybrids of blogs and wikis. Wikis are sites that you could easily edit and let others edit as well. Some people actually use wikis as blogs because they do post chronologically. Sometimes wikiblogs are also called ‘blikis’ (a shorter term).

What’s the deal?

Wikis are easily edited. You could easily create different pages in it. As in categories and the like. Actually, there are blogging software that have plugins to make them work like blogs, in a sense. Or at least on a page wherein all the blog updates will be placed.

Another great thing about wikis is that the mark-up is easier to remember unlike HTML tags that could give one a headache. This is especially when making lists, tables and links. Even though different wiki software sometimes have different mark-up styles, they are fairly easy to remember.

Why go for a wikiblog?

If you are the kind of person who enjoys writing down a lot of things and you would like to have them classified easily, you could take advantage of easy creation of wikipages.


The difficult thing about wikis is that by default (on some wiki services and software), anyone (even a casual reader who just stumbled upon your blog) could edit it. You might want to read up on how to control access so that your wikiblog won’ t be spammed. That, or you could set it up as a personal wikiblog to which you are the only one with the permission to write and edit.


Originally posted on August 10, 2006 @ 12:33 am