Learning CSS as You Blog Along


We all have preferences and we have certain personality quirks. In order for you to showcase these preferences and quirks on your blog, you would have to know what tools you can use in order to do so. For those who have basic knowledge of CSS, it is quite easy because changing some values here and there would already do the trick. But if you are someone who is totally clueless, where could you begin?

Personally, I have some experience with HTML before and as such, I have become familiar with some of the tags like h1, h2, p, a, and so on. Later on, I learned that with CSS, you could even have divs and div ids, div classes and also spans. There are so many terms that sometimes I also felt overwhelmed by the things I read online. In any case, you could try familiarizing yourself first with the HTML basics so that you could see what you are actually trying to change in terms of how the web browser on your computer would render those things.

CSS itself is quite basic in the sense that you need to remember what the different elements of the design you are trying to tweak. If you know that you will be using h1 and h2 a lot and you want them to really stand out because of the colors, you could do that by setting the attributes of h1 and h2 on your stylesheet. If you want it to have a background color, borders, a serif font, you could all place those settings in the stylesheet. That is why when you see blogs with really funky titles, you could check out the source and see what they did with the different attributes of the title which is usually h1 or h2.

Aesthetics are important aside from the content. It could be what will make a lasting impression on those who stumble upon your blog. Some people say that it is not that important because content is king… And yet if you think about it, the overall style (whether your blog has flair or not, if it looks boring or fantastic) could make or break your blog.


Originally posted on October 4, 2006 @ 3:30 am