Benefits of Guest Posts

In my last post Beating the Blog Rut I neglected to mention another way of making sure that you still have entries even when you are having a writer’s block – having guest bloggers. Asking friends and colleagues to write one or two posts on your blog is actually very advantageous and will benefit you beyond helping you get out of your rut. Some of the advantages of asking other bloggers to write an entry or two in your blog include:

1. fresh perspective
– A guest blogger can give fresh perspective to the same topic. You can ask the guest blogger to write about his/her take on the same topic you already wrote about giving both you and your readers a fresh perspective. This can be especially interesting for your readers if you ask a guest blogger who shares a view opposite to yours and have some sort of debate going on in your blog. It will infuse life to your blog.

2. added credibility – If you are able to lure a respected blogger into posting in your blog it will help add to your blog’s credibility. Of course, getting a popular blogger to post can be difficult so you can settle for someone who at least has his/her own regular audience.

3. inbound links and traffic – The guest blogger will definitely link to his/her post so that his/her readers will be able to read the entry. This is an automatic added inbound link and traffic. So if you want to make the most out of guest posts make sure that the guest blogger has a blog of similar theme (to add to the relevancy of the inbound link), has a good page rank (again for SEO purposes), and has a wide readership (for more traffic).

Originally posted on July 20, 2011 @ 7:33 am