Top Tips To Network In Your Niche

So you’re convinced that networking is an essential part of your niche blog campaign. This is not the first step in your effort to launch your niche blog (at least in my mind – you have to pay attention to the content first) but it is definitely an important step. So how do you network? Before I go into details, remember that it is more effective if you network within your niche. Although any kind of network would be welcome, it would be better for your niche blog to develop relationships and contacts with those who are of like minds. This is because what you have to offer will be more welcome to the people within your niche. So, here goes with the tips.

Comment all you want.
Commenting is an often discussed topic. We have had so many posts on this, actually. Just remember that when you aim to network for your niche blog, make sure that you target the good blogs within your niche. Also make sure that comment regularly – daily if you can. However, note that your comments should be full of substance and is not akin to spam.

Be informed.
You can comment all you want but it would be more substantial if you know what you are talking about. Stay abreast of the latest developments and happenings in your niche. You can use this information not only in your own posts but when you comment as well. You can do so by reading pertinent publications – both offline and online.

More tips in the next post.

Originally posted on October 25, 2008 @ 5:32 am