Music And Blogging (Part 3)

Here’s the last installment for this series on how you can apply musical principles to enhance your blogging experience.

Hans talks about 2 remaining points – engagement and attraction. What does he mean by engagement? He highlights Bono:

I think that we all have high respect for engaged singer. Maybe we don’t always share the same ideological thoughts, but being engaged inspires respect from others! The lead signer of U2, Bono seems to me like a great example of an engaged singer. His songs are engaged and the words are meaningful. In addition, he is personally a militant for many humanist causes. In fact, engagement carries values.

The way I understand it, he means that we should have a core set of beliefs that should be reflected in our writing. Of course, this does not mean that you always have to fight for a cause in each of your posts but this does mean that your blog’s overall theme reflects your basic beliefs. It makes sense and will attract other people with the same beliefs.

How about attraction? I think it is pretty simple. You have to have that x factor, as some people would like to call it. If you do not have it inherently, you have to find it for your blog. Find it, build upon it, and watch people flock to your blog. Mind you, this is probably the hardest aspect of all. I think that the best way to go about it would be to look at blogs that you think have this extra something and try to figure out why you think they attract people.

Originally posted on June 19, 2008 @ 3:48 am