Is There Such A Thing As Too Personal?

I seem to remember posing a similar question in a post a long time ago. How personal can you get when writing for your blog? Is there such a thing as too personal?

These questions came to mind as I visited one of the blogs that I regularly haunt. This blog – which I shall not mention here – is a personal blog in all aspects of the term. The blogger, whom I shall call A,is a very good writer. She can make you laugh and can engage you wonderfully in her writing. In fact, she gets so many comments on every single post, showing how huge a following she has created.

So anyway, in the past weeks, her posts have taken on a very personal note. She talked about a newfound relationship which blossomed and made her really happy. And then the relationship just dissolved – no fault on her part.

Moving on…this made me stop and think. Could I share such an experience in my blog, personal as it may be? Isn’t that kind of thing just too personal to put online for everyone – including the other people involved in the “story” – to read?

I mean, even if a personal blog is meant to show an insight into the life of the blogger, doesn’t there have to be a limit as to what can be written and what can’t? I suppose that that answer lies in the hands of the blogger. It is probably left up to him or her to decide on what is too personal or not.

In my case, yes, there is such a thing as too personal. What about you?

Originally posted on February 24, 2011 @ 1:40 pm