Focusing on the About Page

The what page? The “About Page.” I am sure you know all about this page. It is found in most any web site and blog. For some people, the About Page is one of the most basic pages that they focus on when building a web site or starting a blog. Surprisingly for some, the About Page is merely a “side dish” – something not important enough to spend time on.

So is the About Page really as important as I am making it out to be? I don’t know about you, but each time I come across a new blog, one of the first things I do is take a look at the About Page.

Why do I do this? I do this for the simple reason that I want to know where the views and ideas are coming from. I read a blog because the ideas expressed in the blog catch my interest. As such, I want to know more about the person behind those ideas. Nothing bugs me more than finding a good blog and then not finding any information about the author.

Who is to say that this person is not “real?” Who is to say that the blog isn’t being used a propaganda tool by some group or entity?

Of course, we can never really be sure that what is in the About Page is truthful. If someone wants to fool readers, then having an About Page is not going to change anything. My point is that you and I, people who blog to make their voices heard, should let our readers know who we are and where we are coming from.

Does it make sense?

Originally posted on November 8, 2007 @ 3:07 am