How to Blog Like a Buddhist

This blog entry is not looking to convert anyone to anything.  Rather, we are going to briefly explore several fundamental Buddhist principles that can help take your blog to the next level.  Or, at the very least, earn you some good karma.

The Five Precepts are the basic ethical requirements of Buddhism.  Here’s how you can apply them to blogging.

1) Do not take life. 

This one is pretty easy.  Simply put, do not kill anyone today. Preserve human (and animal/plant) life and you’re 20% of the way home.

2) Do not steal.

Do not take words, images or ideas from others. You are a unique individual.  Stop spending so much time trolling other blogs and write from your heart.  Never take what is not freely given.

3) Do not engage in sexual misconduct.

This blog entry is operating on the premise that your blog content does not revolve around sex, gossip, drugs or any other topic that even the lay Buddhist would find unacceptable.  Society is already drenched in enough sex, try your best to keep your blog free of innuendo and foul language.

4) Do not speak mistruths.

Your blog, regardless of topic, must be 100% honest.  The biggest problem with lying is that you cloud other people’s perceptions, in turn, clouding up the foundation of Buddhism – mindfulness.
Included in this precept is avoiding slandering others or gossiping.

5) No drugs or alcohol.

The goal is to free our minds from unnecessary confusion. You might thing a drink or two gets the ideas flowing, but in reality, your best work will be written when you are of a clear mind.

These five precepts all sound like instructions, “don’t do this” and “don’t do that.” But don’t look at them negatively.  View them in a positive way and try to incorporate them into your life – starting with your blog.

The beauty of Buddhism is that you can rely on these precepts regardless of your religions’ beliefs.

Originally posted on February 26, 2008 @ 2:49 pm