Make the Most Out of Post Series – Don’ts

In the last couple of posts, we focused on practical things that you should do when writing a series of posts for your blog. Now, to end this series, let’s look at some points which you should avoid when writing your own series. There are actually only two things that I would like to highlight. They both have something to do with the content of each post in relation to the whole series.

The first one is not to cover everything in the first post. It is common sense, isn’t it? Why have a whole series with 3 or more posts if you are going to say everything that you have to say in one anyway? However, it may be overlooked, especially if you are the type who likes to lay down your cards on the table at the outset. One way of dealing with this is to merely give a brief outline. I think I mentioned this in of the previous posts in this series. It would be good to give your readers an idea of what you have in store for them. However, you should be careful not to divulge everything or too much detail in the outline. By definition, an outline does not contain the nitty gritty – it is just a skeletal presentation of the topics.

The second point is to balance out the first one – do not spread out information too thinly. This was touched upon a bit in the last post. It is good to spread out topics but make sure that you have something substantial in each post. It would be akin to wasting your time if you spread out information too thinly – like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that does not have enough filling.

Originally posted on January 5, 2008 @ 7:16 am