Make the Most Out of Post Series

If you have been following our blog for quite some time, you would notice that I often chop up my posts into several entries. What happens is that I have the beginning of a topic for one post and then I spread out the other sub topics through a series of several posts. Have you ever thought about why I do this? Is it only because the topic is too long and I feel like chopping up the posts? Well, to be honest, that is one reason. I like posting relatively short entries so that readers will not feel bored or overwhelmed with entries that are similar to short novels in length. This makes sense, doesn’t it? However, there is more to chopping up posts than the simple fact that long entries can be cumbersome. Think about it, what is one of the main goals of any blogger? Correct me if I am wrong, but any blogger would want to get more readers and to have readers come back for more. Think about your own situation – don’t you get excited when you see that your readers visit your blog and then they keep checking to see what new things you have written? In fact, writing a series of posts on a specific topic is one way of inciting readers to keep coming back for more. Writing a really great first post and then ending it with something like “more to come” or “check tomorrow for the continuation” would somehow ensure that the people who read the first post would come back to read the continuation. In the next post, let’s look at some concrete tips on how to make the most out of post series.

Originally posted on December 29, 2007 @ 12:47 am