Quick Tips For A Beautiful Blog

While I like focusing more on content, I cannot deny the value of having an aesthetically appealing blog. Here are some quick tips to create a beautiful blog in terms of the visual aspect. Forget the clutter There are countless widgets and buttons out there. It seems to me that everyday, you can find a new one that you like and that you want to put in your blog. While widgets and buttons are cool and useful, beware of using too many of them in your blog. Doing so will only increase the clutter and take away from the visual appeal of your blog. Learn basic color principles Some people have the talent for this – they know intuitively what colors work well together and what color combinations are a no no. For those who aren’t exactly gifted in this department (I think I would belong to this group), it would not hurt to learn the basic color principles. It might not turn you into a graphic designer overnight but at least it will help you with your blog design. Don’t overdo it with the graphics Graphics are necessary. They add to the visual appeal. But why use loud oversized graphics when you can use smaller ones that mix better with your posts? Make it so that users who want to see the larger picture just need to click on the image. By doing this, you maintain balance in your blog while giving the option of larger images for those who want it.

Originally posted on January 20, 2011 @ 2:41 am