The Secret to BlogGurl’s Productivity

I just finished churning out 11 articles [non-stop!] by this very moment, when this was written. The secret to my current level of productivity is… No intarwebs at home!

I moved houses, and I decided not to put in an Internet connection in here, even if the pain of needing to get my butt up from the bed in order to mooch from a local mall’s FREE WiFi is a daily travail. Since 1AM today, I had been able to make 11 posts (and counting), and I had even taken breaks for several moments at that. When I used to have a broadband Internet connection in my room, I couldn’t seem to come up with more than 5 posts a day, simply because I would get distracted by Friendster, Multiply, or even good ol’ email.

That is why I decided never to apply for Internet connection in here. I would rather keep my intarwebs in a separate dorm room, which would be my refuge for a few days a week, or a few weeks out of a month, where I can write and research for my future works. Taking these measures may seem a little extreme, but I was able to make an entire month’s worth of work this way!

Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense for others, these things that I do, because to them, I would just be exerting too much effort, in chasing productivity. But it works for me, because the Internet proves to be way too much of a distraction sometimes.

True, there is a certain pain that inconvenience brings. But there is a bigger pain when one misses deadlines, and even gets to be in danger of losing one’s job, simply because the Internet is too much of a distraction.

Some people may be able to handle having Internet at home, and they could even concentrate better with the convenience of having Intarwebs right in their own home. But for impulsive, inertia-afflicted knowledge junkies like me, there is some sense to having external boundaries for a degree of sanity-saving. :p

Originally posted on March 14, 2008 @ 10:17 pm