Understanding The Benefits of Guest Posting (Part 2)

Just to refresh your memory about the last post, we talked about how beneficial it would be for a blogger to guest post in someone else’s blog, especially if that other blog has a wider readership and a good PR. The benefits of this kind of guest posting in quite evident in this case – at least for the person who is doing the guest posting.

But what about the person who is allowing other people to guest post? Is there any sense in doing so? I believe that the biggest advantage to allowing guest posting is the fact that you can get free content for your blog. Of course, the only kind of content that you want is quality content. So before allowing guest posting, you should have some guidelines as to who can post and what can be posted. These guidelines should be made clear to all who read your blog so as to avoid complications later on.

In determining you can guest post for your blog, you should take some things into consideration. I suggest that you welcome requests for guest posts from your readers. Many of them you already probably know and you are probably familiar with their writing style. If you receive a guest post request from an unknown person, then it is your responsibility to get to do your research on the person who wants to guest blog.

Originally posted on May 27, 2008 @ 3:51 pm