Using the Best Blog Post Excerpts

The front page representation of most blog sites would depend largely on the preference of the person in charge for the blog. In most cases, a few lines or excerpts from the actual blog entry would be used since people can get a good overview of what the entry is all about. For this manner of presentation, it would be best to start of with the actual juice of the blog entry to entice readers to read the whole entry.

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There are also sites that aim to buckle down to business and have the whole entry seen upon access. While some readers would prefer to read blog entries upon reaching the page, this is deemed preferable to avoid clicking and for another page to load.

Of the two, it would depend on how a blogger would foresee that visitors who endorse their blog. Some would want a more compact type of representation since people would want to see other blog posts sorted by date. This way they can see what the other topic entries are and even access them as well.

On the other hand, some bloggers would want to do away with the need to navigate away from the page and just leave the whole entry there to be read. This approach provides the immediate access to such posts where information is the immediate need to be read and understood.

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Originally posted on March 25, 2007 @ 6:46 pm