Writing your Most Popular Post – and Keeping at It

For most of the time, blogging is a hobby, a past time that allows release of thoughts and feelings. Blogging is, for the most part, an outlet. You post and post, not really caring if you’d have new subscribers, new visitors, new comments, and the like. But such are most welcome, of course, and it makes you happy.

However, you notice that on random days, you have more visitors / comments than usual. Does it mean that those random days have your best posts? Try looking at those posts that gained more / new viewers and look at how comments were directed. Were the comments merely observant or was there a formed discussion among the readers?

Read through your entries and find these posts. Apparently, these posts have the kind of topics that appeal more to readers. What you can do is write similar posts, improve on the ideas you’ve written in it, expound and make it in-depth, and explore similar topics. This is certain to gain you readership and maintain it as well.

Originally posted on February 26, 2008 @ 7:38 pm