Learning SEO: Official Search Engine Blogs Part 3

I’ve given the links to the official blogs of Google, Yahoo, and Ask. The last major search engine I haven’t discussed are MSN’s blogs. Microsoft Search Blogs MSN Live Search Blog – The official MSN does have some lengthy posts on the latest developments on the new MSN Live Search but is problematic with regards to posting frequency. A quick glance at the last several entries will reveal very few posts for this month (the first post being last week) and just a total of three posts for November. What this means is that there is either very little going on with the development team of MSN Live Search or that we are being left in the dark regarding new developments. Either way the irregular posting makes it even more imperative to subscribe to the blog since it’ll be a real bother checking the blog regularly just to see no new post. The blog isn’t that much of a gem with regards to tips on SEO specifically for MSN Live Search but is still useful for learning about important news like the opening of the next blog. Live Search Webmaster Center Blog – MSN’s blog dedicated to helping share information to SEOs and webmasters. Just launched last month, this blog looks a buit more promising than the MSN Live Search Blog and is definitely more useful for SEO. However, posting is still not that regular though we will have to wait and see whether it ends up more regular and/or frequent than the main blog. adCenter Blog – MSN’s adCenter blog is pretty useful especially since with lots of tips on how to use adCenter. It is also updated more frequently than the main blog (about once or twice a week).

Originally posted on December 28, 2007 @ 4:20 am