To use widgets or to not use them

configureWordPress users have the option to use widgets. These are nice to use because from the Admin panel, you could play around with the sidebar’s components.

Your WordPress blog is a really interesting thing to play with. You have so many options. There are themes that you could choose from online and you could tweak them using the different WordPress template tags. Learning all about these template tags is not easy but as long as you could figure out things from the WordPres Codex, you’d be fine.

For me, to use widgets is nice, especially if you already like the way they look on your blog theme. However, there are times that it seems that to manually edit the sidebar by adding the necessary template tags and arguments. Well, another option is to tweak the widgets themselves so that you could achieve your desired look and functionality.

There are different kinds of widgets available and it would sure be interesting to try them out. For blogging newbies, the archives and categories widget would be nice ones to put on the sidebar. For those who are going pro-blogging, so to speak, it might be better if they have the ad rotator as well.


Originally posted on September 1, 2006 @ 11:16 pm