Benefiting from Article Syndication

Though article syndication is not that encouraged anymore and is even viewed by many as totally not worth the effort, there are still some advantages one can get by submitting articles. Note though that for article syndication to be beneficial you should heed the following advice:

1. Write great articles – As always content is king. Mass produced articles will get you nowhere fast. Only articles with catchy titles and a truly informative and interesting content will get people’s attention getting you the links and reputation boost you want.
2. Pay attention to your article’s length – 250 word articles just won’t cut it. If your article is to come across as something written by an expert then 250 words will not give the depth and detail that other experts in the field will look for. 500 to 1000 words is usually good enough though you can go up to as much as 2000 words depending on the requirements of the site you will be submitting to.
3. Submit articles to themed/field-specific sites – Though there are a few, and I mean a few, general sites that are still good for submitting general articles, as mentioned in my previous post it just isn’t worth it. Submit your articles to sites that specialize in your field of interest because they are the ones that still do actually give links of value and because it is where you will be able to get a more targeted audience.

Originally posted on August 24, 2007 @ 5:11 pm