Three Important Areas of On-Page SEO You’re Not Leveraging

With all the aspects that can fall under the category of on-page SEO efforts, it can be a daunting and menial task to ensure that each and every page on your website has all its on-page SEO in top shape. But although this may not be your favorite part of managing your website, on-page SEO […]

What Do You Do When You Have No Time to Write?

I hadn’t realized how busy I was in the past months until very recently.  My blogging schedule has gone haywire.  I have been backlogged for ages.  I have let so many tasks pass me by.  It wasn’t until a friend gave me a wake up call that I sat down to think about what my […]

Does the Right ccTLD Help in Search Engine Optimisation?

Most search engine optimisation practitioners focus their attention on their websites’ keyword optimization, backlinks, and content creation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s also an important factor that can easily get overlooked: the domain name. It’s not that domain names are going to be the biggest factor in search engine optimisation. I’m […]