Blogger Photo: Posting Guidelines

In my last post I gave cases when you should NOT post a profile pic in your about page. Today I’ll be giving some advice on choosing your profile photo for your About Page.

As I have mentioned before, your About Page is your chance to make a good impression to new readers interested in knowing more about you and your blog. With that in mind you should choose a profile picture that represents you well. This means that the picture should:

Be REAL – No stock photos please of some handsome or pretty stranger. You know how some blogs use such photos. If you won’t be posting your own picture then don’t post any!

Have a good resolution – Grainy photos are a turn off. Choose a clear picture. Black and white or colored does not matter as long as it’s of a good resolution.

Suit your blog’s tone and feel – If your blog has a serious tone and your want to portray yourself as a reputable knowledgeable source of information then a half-body or head shot would be appropriate. However, if your blog is a “mom blog” or “pet blog” you might want to include your pet or your family in the snapshot. The point is that your photo should reflect the blog’s overall theme.

Have a good aspect ratio – This is for the sake of SEO. Image search prefers images with good aspect ratio. Your photo will even have a better chance of appearing in Google News results (the blog portion) if you use a common aspect ratio.

Originally posted on February 11, 2010 @ 12:01 pm