Blogging and Communication

Blogging is both an endeavor of creativity and communication. Communication as we know it, can be defined in a very broad sense involves not only written (blogs) and oral speech (podcasts), but also music, the pictorial arts, audio-video, and in fact all human behavior, and yes it can even be relating our point of view on a certain thing, an idea or our wants. That’s why blogs are so important and is so popular these days is that it gives people an outlet of their emotions and thoughts. Yes, some are better at communicating to their ideas to others, will some are not, but that doesn’t mean that blogs are limited to those who can communicate better.

Blogs are for everyone, given a chance to excel in online communication and also on offline or “real-world” communication it can be a better place in cyberspace and in the “real-world”, when everyone, even the little blogs has a chance to speak their mind.
Some people blog their original works while others blog about their thoughts on everyday things. Indeed, blogging has also entertained the idea of artistry, seeing the continuing sophistication of site layouts and themes. Blogging, ultimately, puts together people of all groups, ages, interests, and locations by talking about hobbies, relationships, ideas, and businesses.

Originally posted on March 25, 2008 @ 2:38 am