Bullets in Blogging

In case you haven’t noticed, I like using bullets. Bullets are very useful for blogging because:

*It makes your content easy to scan – The average internet surfer (which of course includes blog readers) have very short attention spans. This makes it very important to present your posts in a manner that would allow them to scan and take in as much information as they can by simply scanning your post. If what they see at a glance interests them then they will take the time to read the post in detail. If they aren’t too interested they go to the next post or leave at least satisfied enough to have read snippets of your post.

*It helps you organize your post – Since most blogs are written with a conversational tone a lot of bloggers tend to ramble ending up with unstructured posts. Bullets are a great way to deliver points directly and concisely. Of course points can be delivered in using another structure but it is just so much easier to write when using bullets since the flow from paragraph to paragraph does not have to be that seamless.

In the end though what is important is that you learn how to structure your posts to fit your blog’s content and feel. If bullets are not appropriate then do not use them, but by all means use this easy on the brain and easy on the eye format whenever you can.

Originally posted on February 28, 2010 @ 9:59 am