Limiting Your Niches as a Freelance Copywriter

The jobs of a freelance copywriter and freelance writer are quite different – the first one is mostly concerned with advertising material, and even though many people actually do both, there are some who choose to specialize in being a freelance copywriter. This is good, but when you’re trimming down your workload you shouldn’t stop there – there are many things a freelance copywriter could be hired to write about, and you should do your best to limit the niches you’re working on, so that your work can truly shine against that of the competition.

If you’ve recently started out in the business of freelance copywriting, it can be quite difficult to find the niche – or niches – that suit you best. In the beginning, you should actually take up as much work as you can, and from as many varied sources as possible. This way you’ll ensure you’re not missing out on a potential niche you could find yourself interested in.

In general, you should limit yourself to four, maybe five main niches – any more than that and you risk degrading the quality. Try to write as many materials as you can in those niches, and talk to your clients that give you frequent work (by this time you should have at least a few of those!) – ask them if they may need constant content on any of those niches. This way, you’ll make the best out of your efforts as a freelance copywriter, and you’re sure to strike gold sooner or later!

Originally posted on November 25, 2010 @ 3:03 am